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Symi Island

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One hour by hydrofoil from Kos lies Symi the "jewel of the Dodecanese". The island is inhabited by only two and half thousand residents. The venetia beauty of Symi makes it one of the  most photographed island in Greece. The harbor area,  Gialos, is one of the most beautiful in Greece surrounded by neo-classical times symi has thrived one success of its sponge-diving  fleet and boat-building industry, which once launched 500 ships a year.

Whilst on Symi you may choose to visit the Maritime Museum, an interesting record of Symi’s seafaring past. The upper town Chorio, is linked to Gialos by a road and also by 375 marble  steps.  Chorio comprises a maze of lanes and distinctive houses often with traditional interiors, as well as a 19th century church with an impressive pebble mosaic. The Symi Museum houses a collection of costumes and traditional items. Beyond the museum in the ruined Byzantine Kastro and medieval walls,  together with the Megali Panagia Church, which is home to  an important 16th century icon.

On the east coast of the island you may find the Monastery of Panormitis. The Monastery its a place of worldwide, famous for its icon of the Archangel Michael, Symi’s Patron Saint and  guardian of seafarers.According to tradition, if you ask a favor of St. Michael, you must vow to give something is return. As a result, the interior of the monastery is dazzling array of votive offerings or tamata,  from pilgrims, its white buildings line the edge of the horseshoe-shaped harbor where you will also find an old bakery offering all sorts of delicasies.

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Silia Tours - Symi Island Silia Tours - Symi Island Silia Tours - Symi Island
Silia Tours - Symi Island Silia Tours - Symi Island

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